Parallel 49 Brewing Co. – N2 Nitrogenated ESB

Parallel 49 Brewing N2 Nitrogenated ESB review


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Parallel 49 Brewing N2 Nitrogenated ESB review

Parallel 49 Brewing Co. – N2 Nitrogenated ESB

The second nitrogenated beer to be released from Parallel 49 Brewing Company’s N2 line of brews is an Extra Special Bitter. The N2 ESB with an aggressive pour, fully inverting the bottle pours a light copper colour topped with one finger of thick and creamy head which is very tightly packed as you would expect from a nitrogenated brew. The smell coming off this beer is rather typical of an ESB. Notes of crystal malts and nice northwest style hop come through on the nose in a light but very enjoyable fashion. The flavour is a malt forward ESB that has a kick of hop at its side. The flavour is what you would expect from a quality northwest style ESB. Where the difference comes is the texture. The smooth, low-fizz nature of the N2 makes this beer pop a little more with the flavours. the malt is a little smoother and the hops a little more defined while the creamy texture of the nitrogen head makes it all go down smooth. Nitrogen is not often applied to an ESB but it works and Parallel 49 has a second successful launch under the N2 line of nitrogenated beers.

Alcohol – 5%
IBU – 45
Size – 6 x 341ml
Price – $14.25 (Craft Retailer)
Released March 2014 (not on website)


Parallel 49 Brewing N2 Nitrogenated ESB reviewParallel 49 Brewing N2 Nitrogenated ESB review

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  1. terry
    terry 22 April, 2014, 15:12

    Admittedly I wasn’t a huge fan of this one, much prefer the N2 milk stout.

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  2. thebeerrater
    thebeerrater 26 April, 2014, 10:05

    Tasted okay in the store’s tasting, after my second at home I was really bored with it.

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  3. Ewart Aitken
    Ewart Aitken 29 May, 2017, 21:40

    I had the Baldwin and Cooper Best Bitter N2 at the Howe Sound Brew Pub and let me tell yah the best beer I’ve had in a while!

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