Moon Under Water – Wedding Ale Belgian Triple

Moon Under Water Wedding Belgian Triple Review


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Moon Under Water Wedding Belgian Triple Review

Moon Under Water – Wedding Ale Belgian Triple Review

Brewed to commemorate the wedding of couple leading the charge at Moon Under water the Wedding Ale is a Belgian triple in the Single Batch series of beers. This wax topped, wine bottle style ale is surely a formidable beast with an alcohol content of 9%. Cracking through the white wax top this Belgian style is actually rather difficult to open as the bottle has a large ridge below the top and covered in wax it is less that simple to get a bottle opener to grasp the cap. That irrelevant fact leads up to the pouring of an opaque-straw coloured beer that pours with a single finger of lacing head Through this comes a strong citrus scent with notes of coriander and a nice floral aroma. Along side there is a sweetness that cuts out any signs of alcohol tones in the smell. The flavour starts off slight with citrus tones and a touch of spice before building into a big-bodied Belgian Triple. The spices build along with malted notes and a touch of hop leading up to the finish. The alcohol notes come forward at the finish with a candy sugar and wheat tones that linger behind. This is a big beer that you will remember – The wedding will ring strong in your memory as a bold Belgian beer with a kick of citrus, spice and big BC beer flavour.

Alcohol – 9.0%
Size – 650ml bottles
Price – $10.40 (Craft Retailer)


Moon Under Water Wedding Belgian Triple ReviewMoon Under Water Wedding Belgian Triple Review

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  1. Alex
    Alex 14 April, 2014, 21:18

    One of my favourite beers that I’ve had in the last couple of months

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    […] Water, where Potts Pils was definitely the stand out. We were hoping they still had some of their Belgian Triple Wedding Ale but no luck. At Spinnakers, the Ortega Blonde is worth mentioning, as it’s fermented with […]

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