Tree Brewing Serendipity No 8 Review

Tree Brewing Co. – Serendipity No. 8 Whiskey Barrel Aged Beer

Tree Brewing Serendipity No 8 ReviewIn procession  following the lucky number seven is the Serendipity number 8, a Whiskey Barrel Aged Beer from Tree Brewing of Kelowna BC. Aged from more than 100 days in Whiskey and Port barrels number 8 represents a unique flavour profile for this annual release. This big ale pours from the bomber bottle a dark chestnut colour topped with three fingers of off-white head. This thick top of head settles slowly leaving distinct rings of lacing around the top of the glass. From the off-white top comes a vanilla-oak smoothness, light whiskey booze notes and a smidgen of hop bitterness on the nose. For being a well-aged beer in barrels the aroma is rather mild. The flavour kicks off with a smooth, vanilla note which builds into a rich centre. the flavour has a richness beyond whiskey that can be attributed to the port barrels in which this beer was aged. this gives a slightly winey flavour along side which could be described as dark cherry and raspberry flavours. The body is slightly sharper than one might hope but this will likely mellow with time. The Serendipity may not fare well for years in the cellar but 6 months or so would likely do it well. This is a great tasting barrel aged beer that doesn’t kick you in the face with double digit alcohol content. This is a great option for big flavour without the aggression.

Alcohol – 7%
Size – 650ml
Price – $10.50 (Craft Retailer)

Tree Brewing Serendipity No 8 Review
Tree Brewing Serendipity No 8 Review

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