Scandal Brewing Co. – 7 Wonders Parigutin Rye Triplebock

Scandal 7 Wonders Paraguin Review


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  • Brewery: Scandal Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Triplebock
  • Pros:

    Easier drinking than typical Triplebock

  • Cons:

    Not to style

  • Conclusion:

    One of the better Scandal Beers but not really on style

Scandal 7 Wonders Paraguin Review

Scandal Brewing Co. – 7 Wonders Parigutin Rye Triplebock Review

The 4th beer in the procession of 7 wonders beers from Scandal Brewing is a Rye Triplebock called the Parigutin. This beer pours a cloudy-deep amber colour from the resealable 750ml bottle with three fingers of loosely packed head. Settling without a trace left behind this ale smells quite malty with a touch of rye spice, booze and a caramel-toffee sweetness. The beer is on the high side of carbonation with toasted malt notes, orange peel, biscuit flavours and a lighter than expected rye spice. The beer is quite thin and mild for a 9.0% triple bock but that does make it a little easier to drink. Again with the 7 wonders series I wouldn’t necessarily peg this as a triple bock without the label calling it out. This seems like a fairly mild Bock with an extra kick of alcohol. The texture and weight expected just wasn’t there. Much like the previously released Barley Wine this is not to say that the Parigutin is a bad beer is just comes off slightly miss-categorized. Outside of that it is a reasonably enjoyable and easy drinking beer given it’s high alcohol content.

Alcohol – 9%
Size – 750ml
Price – 7.99 (Craft Retailer)

Scandal 7 Wonders Paraguin ReviewScandal 7 Wonders Paraguin Review


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