Cannery Brewing Co. – Artisan Creation Baltic Porter

Cannery Brewing Baltic Porter Review


3.8 out of 5
4.2 out of 5
4.2 out of 5
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4 out of 5


  • Brewery: Cannery Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Baltic Porter, Porter
  • Pros:

    Delicious Baltic Porter In Cannery's Artisan Creation series

  • Cons:

    Flavour profile could go a little further

  • Conclusion:

    Traditional Baltic porter which is quite enjoyable.

Cannery Brewing Baltic Porter Review

Cannery Brewing Co. – Artisan Creation Baltic Porter Review

Cannery Brewing has been making a solid line of Okanagan inspired craft beer for many years now but it has been a while since they stepped out of their comfort zone and tried something new. The first beer to come out of the Artisan Creation series of beers is the Baltic Porter. Originating from Estonia the Baltic Porter is a welcome style addition to the BC beer scene. This Cannery creation pours a deep and dark brown colour nearly blocking all signs of light. This is topped with two fingers of thick and fluffy head which leaves moderate lacing on the glass as it slowly settles. The aroma is fairly light with malted tones along side light chocolate and toasted caramel notes. The flavour is big with toasted notes, deep fruit tones and light chocolate in a mid-sweet package. The beer is not boozy per-say but the texture takes on a bigger body and a light oily mouth-feel that balances the flavours. This is not a typical porter and while the flavours are not overly big, the beer itself still manages to stand out in a crowd. This is one of the best Cannery Beers to be released and will put up a good fight rolling forward against the leagues of many, many other BC craft brewers fighting for the top.

Alcohol – 8%
IBU – 40
Size – 650ml
Price – $6.90 (Craft Retailer)

Cannery Brewing Baltic Porter ReviewCannery Brewing Baltic Porter Review

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