Central City Brewers Launch New Red Racer India Session Ale (ISA)

d Racer India Session Ale - ISACentral City Brewers & Distillers are best known for the Red Racer brand of BC Craft Beer. Spanning back a decade since being launched Central City has become synonymous with quality, consistency and delicious craft beer. The Red Racer label has come to be worn on year-round staples such as the IPA, Pale Ale, ESB, and Pilsner. In seasonal options the White Ale, Imperial IPA, Pumpkin Ale, Stout, Winter Ale and Raspberry Wheat have also won a place on the palates of BC Beer Lovers.


With the brewery’s recent expansion and increased distribution in North America comes a new member of the Red Racer family. At a launch event held at Vancouver’s Darby’s Pub Central CIty Brewers & Distillers launched the Red Racer India Session Ale or ISA. Brewed with meticulously selected malts and Mosaic hops the beer has notes of mild pine hop with additional fruit tones consisting of Mango and Peach. Being a very sessionable ale and rather light the flavour of the Mosaic Hops can truly shine where in many circumstances bitterness can be masking. With a mid-body and overall great texture you will be surprised to find that this beer weighs in at a mere 4% ABV. It is the body and texture along with a great flavour that Gary achieved at such a low alcohol level which is truly impressive.


This new beer takes the tradition the Red Racer brand has built on but also takes into account the progressive nature of the BC Craft Beer Enthusiasts palate. Consumers are open to new flavours and styles which were previously not possible. Brewmaster Gary Lohin took his time with this brew holding on until perfection was achieved. A passion for quality and a team that strives for excellence is mirrored in the release of the Red Racer ISA This new offering will be arriving shortly at your local retailer so keep your eyes peeled as you will want to try this beer!


2014_02_BMBC-0716At the event itself BC Craft Beer guru and author of popular book Craft Beer Revolution Joe Wiebe along with Chester Carey, Canada’s first Certified Cicerone and yours truly representing of the local Cycling community and beer bloggers celebrated the occasion with enthusiasm and a satisfied palate. In a blind taste test this panel of three along side brewmaster Gary Lohin discussed the flavours and details that went into creating this new Red Racer Beer. Watch for the video to be released soon at centralcitybrewing.com


2014_02_BMBC-0749In addition to the new Red Racer India Session Ale, Central City has also officially launched their Red Racer Canada clothing lineup to coincide with the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. With the largest ever Canadian Team to attend an Olympic venue Red Racer is supporting the games and supporting you sitting down for a pint of Red Racer and watching your favorite Winter Olympic Sport. The new clothing was designed with the Olympics in mind in a Canadian Context. The clothing is available at the Surrey based brewery so head on over to grab some beer and a Jersey to enjoy the games!

To learn more about the Red Racer line of Craft Beer please visit centralcitybrewing.com

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