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Cariboo Brewing Company – Ginger Ale Review

Along side the Cariboo Root Beer comes a Ginger Ale option which is also a non-alcoholic beverage. The Cariboo Ginger Ale pours as you would expect in a golden-straw colour which fizzes as it enters the glass. As with most ginger ales the carbonation disperses very quickly while a slow stream of bubbles rise from the base of the glass. The smell is fairly mild with a light citrus and ginger note to it. This ginger ale smells pretty typical to what you would expect. The flavour is slightly heavier than a typical Canada Dry with a lightly creamier texture and a touch more in the ginger category. The sweetness is quite high and is accentuated by a lower than typical level of carbonation. This is definitely a soda and not greatly differentiated from the mainstream options but it is still nice to drink something with a touch more flavour and is brewed at home in British Columbia

Size – 355ml
Calories – 140
Sugar – 33g
Sodium – 15mg




Duh-ha, Duh-ha, who ever thought Cariboo would take it this far? Takin’ it back, way back we have remade a Canadian classic. Easy on the insides and definitely refreshing, Cariboo Ginger Ale is made with all natural ingredients, ginger extract and a splash of Cariboo Genuine Draft, perfect for an easy going beverage anytime of year.
Tasting Notes

This near beer comes in at 0.5% ABV. You enjoy straight up or mixed with the finest vodka or whiskey around, savouring the clean taste of pure spring water. Of course, Ginger Ale is also the perfect ingredient for a classic English shandy: in a pitcher mix two cans of Cariboo Genuine Draft with two cans of Cariboo Ginger Ale and serve in a tall, chilled glass topped with a lemon wedge.

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    Like their beer the pop is similar to the big guys. But this is good if that is what you are looking for.

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