Granville Island Brewing Co. – Burly Goat Weizenbock


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Granville Island Brewing Co. – Burly Goat Weizenbock Review

From the Black Note Book Series, Granville Island Brewmaster Vern has come out with the Burly Goat Weizenbock. This opaque, copper coloured beer pours with a finger and a half of dispersing head which leaves the glass clean of any lacing. The aroma from this beer is wheaty and strong with notes of caramel cloves and a slight banana scent coming through on the nose. While the beer does not smell like alcohol the aroma does hint of a strong and powerful beer. The Burly Goat is a thick and creamy beer with big and bold wheat notes along side the clove and banana notes. A caramel sweetness comes into the picture along side a mellow hop bitterness. This is a big and burly German style wheat and it is rather good. If you are a fan of the big wheats of Germany then you may just love this beer. If that is uncharted territory though this my just tip you over the edge. Regardless, you should give it a try


This jacked up beast of a wheat ale is wildly untamed. Full-bodied, full-flavoured and loaded with full fledged badassery. Deal with it.

Alcohol – 7.9%
Size – 650ml Bottles
IBU – 35
Price – $7.35 (Craft Retailer)
Released December 2013


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