Spinnakers Brewing Co. – Festive Saison (Black Saison with Ginger)


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Spinnakers Brewing Co. – Festive Saison (Black Saison with Ginger) Review

The brewing team at Spinnakers has released a black saison with ginger called the Festive Saison. With this beer comes a new, updated style of label that we can only hope will continue with their other beers as it looks quite sharp. This beer is a deep, copper-brown which is a very dark, translucent colour. The dark appearance is topped with a thin finger of head and smells of toasted malt, chocolate, slight ginger and perhaps a touch of cardamom. The flavour starts off right off the bat with ginger and builds into a slightly wheaty, well spiced winter ale. This saison has a broad flavour profile with great spice tones while remaining quite light and easy drinking. The spice flavour will build as you continue to drink becoming more and more apparent. The bottle may be best to share but the combination of strong spice and light saison drink-ability makes for a unique and delicious lighter side to winter craft beer offerings.

Alcohol – 5.5%
IBU – 20
Size –650ml bottle
Price – $5.65 (Craft Retailer)



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