The Hop and Vine Taphouse Brewmaster’s Dinner

The Hop and Vine Brewmasters DinnerThe Hop and Vine Brewmasters DinnerThe Hop & Vine Taphouse has a reputation that precedes it. Those residing in North Burnaby know that if they want quality craft beer on tap this is the place to go. The Hop and Vine pours 24 different beers on tap with more than 90% of them being craft beers. Boasting this impressive tap list while remaining a neighborhood pub this location has the friendliness of a small town with the relative accessibility of a city location.

If you want to visit the Hop and Vine you will need to venture into the eastern end of North Burnaby. Located next door to the Burnaby Mountain Golf Course you may never have ventured this far but when you do some research you will find that it is closer than you think.

Prohibition Brewing CompanyTied to the BC Craft Beer Month series of events The Hop and Vine put together a Brewmasters Dinner pairing 5 delicious BC brewed beers with an exquisitely crafted 5 course meal. Executive Chef Daniela Laci and sous chef Devan Streibel joined up with five different breweries to offer dishes that boasted both complimentary and contrasting flavours bringing out the best in both the food and beverages.

The evening started off with the Double Trouble Brewing Company’s Prison Break Breakout Pilsner. Brewed at the Dead Frog Brewery this fairly well hopped pilsner was paired with Panko Crusted Oysters atop a fennel and 2013_10_BMBC_HopVine-7615citrus salad. The texture of the panko crust, lightly fried oysters and thinly sliced fennel stock worked well together while highlighting citrus tones and hopped flavour within the beer. The beer pairing was off to a great start with this appetizer.

Second on the menu from Dead Frog Brewery was the Festive Winter Saison. This is a brand new beer to come from Dead Frog and did not disappoint. Appearing rather dark for a saison this opaque beer had great toffee flavours along side citrus and wheat tones. The sweetness of this beer along with the mellow wheat tones paired with a Spicy Green Thai Curry. The mild spice of the curry was able to balance out the beer and made for another delicious flavour combination.

Red Truck BeerRed Truck BeerThird in the lineup for the Hop and Vine Brewmaster’s Dinner was the Red Truck Beer Company’s Red Truck Ale. As a low IBU ale with some floral and toasted malt tones the lightness in flavour worked along side a Slow Roasted Beef Brisket cooked for 17 hours. The texture of the beef and mashed potatoes along side the mild sweetness and toasted tones of the beer made for another deadly combination.

Bridge Brewing Co. - North Shore PaleAs the last course before dessert the Bridge Brewing Company brought their North Shore Pale Ale to be paired with a Deconstructed Beef Wellington. For this dish, seared filet mignon was served atop a roasted mushroom duxelle. These two items were stacked atop a crispy puff pastry to complete the deconstruction. On top the whole mixture was cooked spinach. For this pairing the slightly hoppier notes within the pale ale contrasted with the mushroom and medium cooked beef. The Deep Cove Pale ale is always a delicious choice and personally there are not many things that it doesn’t go well with so looking around the room there were many smiling faces and satisfied diners.

Fuggles and Warlock
Beer and dessert are always an interesting endeavor. The sweetness of most dishes requires something very unique, intense or sharp in a beer to match. With that in mind the always creative Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks paired their Four Swords Imperial Stout with a Salted Caramel and Pear Bread Pudding. This imperial stout is rather mild for the classification but still has a potent 9% hit of alcohol and some strong coffee and toffee notes along side an 80 IBU rating. This relative intensity combated a massive sugar hit in the bread pudding. The flavour combo was a fantastic finish to the beer pairing. The sweet and bitter worked seamlessly together and the slight tartness of pear added another balancing factor to an intense combination of flavours.

Fuggles and WarlockExecutive Chef Daniela Laci and sous chef Devan Streibel nailed another brewmaster’s beer pairing dinner at the Hop and Vine Pub. If you are looking for a friendly neighbourhood style pub that features great food and an even better list of craft beer then the Hop and Vine checks off all the boxes. Whether you are watching the game, catching up with friends or even on a date – give this North Burnaby pub a try!

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    I am at the Hop and Vine almost every Thursday evening for a pint. Nice staff and a pretty good craft beer list. Sounds like an amazing dinner excluding the first course.

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