Scandal Brewing Co. – 7 Wonders Grand Canyon Pumpkin Bock


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Scandal Brewing Co. – 7 Wonders Grand Canyon Pumpkin Bock Review

The Pacific Western Brewing Company took a little while to follow up their Sugarloaf Imperial Stout but the 2nd beer in their 7 wonders series has been released in the form of the Grand Canyon Pumpkin Bock. Joining in on the fall, seasonal special bonanza this amber coloured bock pours from the resealable bottle with three fingers of head. With light lacing this beers head settles at a moderate pace unveiling a beer that smells of toasted malts, pumpkin spice and a mild bock base. The flavour is fairly light with notes of toasted malts, agave caramel and building tones of nutmeg, cinnamon and of course pumpkin. Through the taste profile there is a defined separation between the beer and spice. While this is a nice contrast of flavours at times the two can be separate rather than complimentary of one another. As the flavour comes to a close the low IBU leaves pure pumpkin spice for the final note. This beer is well spiced and a nice option for a pumpkin based fall beer. Give it a try and comment on what you think!

In the shadows of the grand canyon sits a scandal buried for centuries. Rumour has it there was once an Egyptian settlement in the depths of the canyon. To bring light to this myth behind the caves, we have unearthed a rich Pumpkin Bock with a touch of blue agave

Alcohol – 7%
Size – 750ml
Price – 8.50


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