Phillips Brewing Co. – Elsinore Lager


3.8 out of 5
3.8 out of 5
3.7 out of 5
3.6 out of 5


3.7 out of 5


  • Brewery: Phillips Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Lager
  • Pros:

    Light and sessionable lager

  • Cons:

    A little too mild

  • Conclusion:

    An easy drinking and sessionable Lager


Phillips Brewing Co. – Elsinore Lager Review

The Phillips Elsinore is a lager playing tribute to traditional Canadian beer. This straw coloured beer pours with one finger of lacing head and smells of malt, citrus, a touch of tropical fruit. There is also a slight hop-scent on the nose but it is rather faint. The flavour is crisp, light and refreshing. Citrus notes are paired with a solid malted base while a light hop note lingers along side through the entire tasting. Finishing off, the Elsinore is quite dry and neutral. A light hop is left on the palate as you anticipate having another drink. This is a quality, easy drinking and enjoyable summer beer from the Phillips Brewing Company

“Made in the Great White North”

Alcohol – 5.0%
Size – 341ml
Price – $28.50 Mixer 12 Pack (Cold Beer and Wine)
Available exclusively in Showcase Mixed Packs.


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