Parallel 49 Brewing Co. – Lil’ Red Sour Cherry Berliner Weisse


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  • Brewery: Parallel 49 Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Berliner Weisse, Fruit Beer
  • Pros:

    Unique and true to the Cherry name

  • Cons:

    Puckering sour cherries, something seems a little off.

  • Conclusion:

    A different take on the Berlinerweisse in a Cherry frame


Parallel 49 Brewing Co. – Lil’ Red Sour Cherry Berliner Weisse Review

Parallel 49 Brewing has come up with another limited release called the Lil’ Red Sour Cherry Berliner Weiss. This Belgian syle sour beer pours with one finger of fizzy head that disperses as fast as it pours leaving no trace at all. The colour is an opaque, pinkish orange colour that looks more like strawberry juice than a beer. The smell is sour with cherry, strawberry, wheat and a touch of citrus. The taste is sharp and tarte, the sour cherry’s are just that, don’t expect the sweetness of an Okanagan cherry but rather the spring tartness of a west-coast wild cherry. Combined with a slight strawberry-esque sweetness this beer is fruity, sour and a little on the puckering side of things. If you are into sours or even ciders you may just enjoy this beer. If you are looking for a can for your foam-dome though, this is not the beer for you.

Alcohol – 4.4%
Size – 650ml
IBU – 5
Price – $4.78 (Parallel 49 Brewery)
This is a seasonal beer (July 2013 Release) (not on website)


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  1. mikescraftbeer
    mikescraftbeer 17 August, 2013, 21:31

    We must have had different batches of this beer. I had almost no flavour and what I had was like muddy water.

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    • admin
      admin 21 August, 2013, 18:19

      That is odd. This was definitely not a favorite of mine but it was not bad.

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  2. Weston
    Weston 3 September, 2013, 11:02

    not gonna lie this beer was terrible,

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