Parallel 49 Brewing Co. Red Eye, Ninkasi Collaboration Red Rye Lager


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Parallel 49 Brewing Co. Red Eye, Ninkasi Collaboration Red Rye Lager Review

With the Parallel 49 Brewery pairing up with Eugene, Oregon based Ninkasi Brewing this beer has some of North America’s top beer-minds involved in its creation. This is the Parallel 49 Brewing Red Eye, Ninkasi Collaboration Red Rye Lager. Appearing a copper brown colour with two fingers of thick, lacing head this is not your typical lager. The aroma confirms the uniqueness with a rye spice, hop bitterness and a slight boozyness to it. The flavour is lighter than the smell forecast with a nice pilsner style malted start that builds into a rye and hop flavoured mid section that adds some texture and body to the lager. The finish leaves a hop bitterness at the back of the palate and a remainder of Rye flavour lingering on the tongue. A unique and delicious lager can be tough to find but the Red Eye is spot on. This is extremely delicious, unique, drinkable and it explores some fantastic flavour combinations. You need to try this beer!

Alcohol – 6.4%
Size – 650ml
IBU – 41
Price – $5.65 (Parallel 49 Brewery)
This is a seasonal beer (July 2013 Release) (not on website)


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  1. mikescraftbeer
    mikescraftbeer 13 August, 2013, 07:40

    I was also quite happy with this lager. But then if it is not only P49 but Ninkasi also who would expect anything else?

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