Mission Springs Brewing CO. – Bombshell Blonde Ale


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Mission Springs Brewing CO. – Bombshell Blonde Ale Review

Among the long line of beers pouring out of the Mission Springs Brewery comes the Bombsehell Blonde ale. This golden coloured  ale is topped with three full fingers of long-lasting cloud like head. Through this ale the carbonation can be seen rising from the bottom of the glass long after pouring.  the smell is of orange, malt, grass and the slightest of hops. Tasting this beer the first hit is carbonation. debatably overcarbonated the crisp, bubblyness hits the tongue early on. The carbonation settles into a smooth, light and easy drinking ale. A malty main stage with grassy notes builds the bulk of this beer and is followed by a lightly citrus, bone dry finish. This is an extremely sessionable beer designed for hot summer days.

Alcohol – 4.5%
IBU – 18
Size – 650ml
Price – $7.25 (Private Liquor Store)


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