Lighthouse Brewing Co. – Maibock


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  • Brewery: Lighthouse Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Maibock
  • Pros:

    Crisp with a nice lightly hopped finish

  • Cons:

    Heavy body

  • Conclusion:

    Nice, crisp beer with a bigger than expected body.


Lighthouse Brewing Co. – Maibock Review

Another beer coming from the beer capital of British Columbia – Victoria is Lighthouse Brewing Companies Maibock. Adorned with a majestic mountain goat on the label this amber coloured strong lager pours with two fingers of bubbly head. This fairly traditional style Bock smells of malt, orange, lemon and a touch of booze. Onwards from the smelling portion, the taste is crisp, fresh and lightly sweet with a toasted malt and citrus tone. A hop-bitterness comes in to play later on in the flavour profile giving an English style, lightly hop-bittered finish. Overall the Lighthouse Maibock has a reasonably heavy body and slightly boozy mid section speckled with citrus, sweet and lightly hopped notes making for a flavourful with a enjoyable beer.  Give it a try!

Alcohol – 6.75%
Size – 650ml
Price – $6.99 (Private Liquor Store) (not on website)


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