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Moon Under Water Brewery – Creepy Uncle Dunkel Review

If their is one type of beer that deserves a good old fashioned pun it is the Dunkel and Moon Under Water Brewery has risen to the occasion with the Creepy Uncle Dunkel. This very dark, chestnut coloured beer that pours with a single finger of head settling in a clean-rimmed glass. Notes of toasted malt, dried fruit, caramel and orange peel come through in the nose alongside a smooth vanilla tone. The taste is light and refreshing for a dark Dunkel. Toasted malts give a solid base for the vanilla, chestnut and caramel flavours to build upon. The dark fruit tones consist of date, and fig notes that add a complex fruit-sweetness to the beer. No single flavour will jump out at you with this dark lager and at first taste it may come off as being rather simple. Paying closer attention to the flavours you will notice a great depth and diversity that makes for a delicious and smooth ensemble. The Creepy Uncle Dunkel is rather light but has a nice, dried fruit flavour that comes through with the chestnut and caramel notes to make a light, yet deep and complex beer. The flavour could be a little more bold for some, but overall this is a fantastic tasting beer.

Alcohol – 5.4%
IBU – 25 (Estimate)
Size – 650ml bottles
Price – $6.80 (Craft Retailer)


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  1. Frank_Z
    Frank_Z 26 March, 2016, 01:57

    Todays post about the Red Collar Black Hefe Dunkelweizen contained a comparison to a Dunkel, which is a bottom fermenting beer, while a Hefeweizen is a top fermenting beer.(Dunkel-)Weizenbeers and Dunkel are two completely different beer styles. This error I pointed out previously I think. I had a look a posts tagged as Dunkelweizen and found this one.
    The Creepy Uncle Dunkel is not a Dunkelweizen, it is a bottom fermenting (dark) lager, a Dunkel, have a look also at the Moon Under Water Website:

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    • dustansept
      dustansept Author 26 March, 2016, 09:06

      Thanks Frank, You make a good point. We have clarified the article and will make corrections to a few miss-categorized beers.

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