Moon Under Water Brewery – Shatterbier Coffee Infused Golden Ale


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Moon Under Water Brewery – Shatterbier Coffee Infused Golden Ale Review

Something quite unique has come out of the Moon Under Water Brewery. The Shatterbier is a golden ale infused with coffee that comes from the new Single Batch Series of ales. This particular bottle is adorned with the number 120/1200 hand written on the side of the bottle. Pouring a cloudy golden colour the beer erupts with head nearly a hand’s-worth thick. Controlling the head is the first struggle in this beer but at 9% ABV there is surely more in store. The smell isn’t as coffee-strong as you may expect. The aroma is sweet of peach and apricot and a subtle coffee tone. The smell is almost reminiscent of an apricot ale or even fruit infused heffeweisen. The flavour is totally unique; there is a ton going on with a strong and sharp carbonation up front and fruit tones to follow. The nectarine and peach flavours add a sweetness before a the coffee comes to, close to the finish. As the coffee flavours build an alcohol tone comes into play as well. This beer is definitely odd and unique but somehow it works and makes for something a little different and worth trying. This bottle is made for sharing so find a bottle and a couple of friends and give the Shatterbier a shot!

Alcohol – 9%
Bottle Number 120/1200
Size – 750ml bottles
Price – $11.99 (16th Street Liquor Store)


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