Video Preview – The North Shore Beer Run – Coming July 15th

Self-filming is a lot of fun but there is a fair bit of footage collected that doesn’t quite suit the purpose in which it was intended. A whole lot of running around is caught on tape and makes for a fairly pointless video such as this one here. This short video does show you a bit of what is to come when on July 15th will be releasing a short video called “The North Shore Style Beer Run”. Where the always necessary “Beer Run” takes a bit of a different journey than your average stop at the liquor store.

On Vancouver’s North Shore people do things a little different and when it comes to heading out for some beer it is no exception. Taking a beer growler, Growler Cage, Prototype 2014 Norco Fatbike and a little bit of adrenaline then heading down Mt. Seymour’s Team Pangor this is a taste of how things go down (or for now just up). The full ride story is soon to be released on what it takes to do a beer run on Vancouver’s infamous North Shore mountain bike trails.

Watch for the full video July 15, 2013.


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