Eat! Vancouver – More like Drink! Vancouver!!! The Most Delicious Thing To Hit BC Place

2013_05_Eat-Vancouver-280 Eat! Vancouver has returned for the 11th year in a row to bring together the lovers of food and drink at BC Place. Housed under the closed roof safe from intermittent rain consumers flocked to the event to try some new foods, try out some new kitchen ware then ultimately end up in the line to sample some beer, wine and spirits.

Entering the Eat! Vancouver floor exhibitors are as broadly focused as you can imagine. Sample some local honey while watching an “as seen on TV” style vacuum demonstration and when you are done with that you can visit the Mexican Tourism Board while contemplating buying that amazing ice-cream making blender. When you are done you can learn how to make a lobster bisque, try some locally produced cheddar and sign up for digital cable. This doesn’t even take into account the cooking classes, information sessions and other amazing food and food accessory producing vendors.
Under 2013_05_Eat-Vancouver-234cooking-sensory overload and worried that I may in fact need that immersion circulator I made like a teenager and made my way over to the Tasting Pavilion. With a defined goal of meeting each of the 6 BC breweries in attendance I made extremely quick work of getting distracted and off-track. It is hard not to though with a gathering of international beer, wines and spirits intermixed with local options all in one confined space. Between tasting the Victoria Spirits Hemp Vodka, Jaw Drop Cooler’s summer refreshments and countless other options distractions were as plentiful as the options themselves.

2013_05_Eat-Vancouver-102Back to the main goal – BC beer was represented by 6 individual breweries and one distributor for a total roster of 10 brands. Stopping off at Aldergrove’s Dead Frog Brewery they were excited to be showing off their new Belgian Pale Ale and sampling their other options that we have come to love. Watch for Dead Frog to be seeing a bit of a facelift in the coming months. Big things are coming from this valley-based brewery as they up their game in the BC Craft Beer market.

2013_05_Eat-Vancouver-106Moving onward Parallel 49 was sampling their latest and greatest, Vancouver Island Brewery was representing Victoria with 4 different tasting options and Steamworks was showing off their not-yet available Frambozen Raspberry Ale. If that wasn’t enough R&B Brewing had their full line of beers including the recent award winning Sun God Wheat Ale. Granville Island had their taps running including the new Ginga-Ninja and had the ninja himself on hand in case of emergency. As one final BC-Grown stop on the beer train, Beverage Concepts was on location with several international brands in their portfolio but also local Cannery, Tin Whistle, Old Yale and Mt Begbie beers each available for samples. That is a whole lot of fantastic BC Beer!

2013_05_Eat-Vancouver-60Eat! Vancouver is not just about food or kitchen gadgets. This expo is about people that love to indulge in food, wine, beer and socializing with friends. Eat! Vancouver is a fantastic place to have fun, enjoy some delicious food and explore your boundaries of Beer, Wine and spirits. What are you waiting for?



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    Dee 25 May, 2013, 22:33

    Thanks for dropping by and reading my post! Looks like you had more fun and were where all the action was!

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    mikescraftbeer 26 May, 2013, 08:12

    I had hoped to go to that event but alas I was out of town. Thanks for the great post!

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