Moon Under Water Brewery – The Victorious Weizenbock


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Moon Under Water Brewery – The Victorious Weizenbock Review

The Moon Under Water has been releasing some wonderful beers lately and the Victorious Weizenbock is no exception. This beer pours an amber colour which is slightly opaque. A finger and a half of head tops this beer with a close to white colour. The aroma is sweetened with strong wheat notes featuring clove and banana that offer a German-esque yet non-traditional style Weizenbock. The taste is mid-sweet,  toasted notes make for a slightly sour, wheat infused strong beer that carries the clove and banana notes through to the finish. An alcohol flavour is slight but does make its presence known balancing the other, more citrus notes that hit the tongue early. This beer is strong and not typical so it will come across different to many drinkers. If you like a strong wheat based beer that has a roller-coaster of flavour give this one a try. If you can handle it, you will like it.

Alcohol – 8.2%
Size – 650ml bottles
Price – $5.99 (16th Street Liquor Store)


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