Scandal Brewing – Sugarloaf, 7 Wonders Chocolate Imperial Stout


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Scandal Brewing – Sugarloaf, 7 Wonders Chocolate Imperial Stout Review

The Sugarloaf Chocolate Imperial Stout is the first of Scandal Brewing’s 7 Wonders line of beers. At 8.5% alcohol this beer pours into the glass with a single finger of quickly dissolving head. The colour is rather light for an Imperial Stout, appearing as a deep, transparent brown. The colour resembles that of Coke or Pepsi without the fizz. The smell is lightly toasted and relatively mild given the name and ABV rating. A nutty chocolate aroma comes through faintly but nothing truly stands out besides a light boozyness. The taste is much stronger than the smell. A toasted malt start builds into a boozy mid-section and finish. The chocolate notes are faint and masked by the overall one-dimensional intensity. While I do like a strong beer and appreciate a high alcohol rating I prefer to have that paired with strong flavours and a heavier body. This is a light-bodied beer that packs a serious punch. There are better beers out there but this is something new and who knows maybe you will like it?

Alcohol – 8.5%
Size – 750ml
Price – 7.99 (16th St Liquor)





Description from Scandal Brewing

Tasting Notes

Brewed with a combination of BC grown two-row barley malt and aromatic specialty malts that are slowly roasted until caramelized. The result is a smooth and potent beer with distinct dark chocolate notes that finish on a hint of fresh roasted coffee. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon on the patio or warming up by the fire, this ebony tinted brew will bring a glow to any evening and complement a hearty stew as delightfully as a chocolate cheesecake.

Sugarloaf Imperial Chocolate Stout

A tribute to the Brazil’s scandalous cacao exports and the first of seven ‘Wonders of the Beer World’, Sugarloaf Stout is a Chocolate Imperial Stout that illuminates the dark past of the cacao market. As Scandal Brewing’s inaugural single serving bottle, this limited release features hand-painted designs and a re-sealable swing-top bottle for enjoyment over a number of sessions. Coming in at 8.5% ABV, the stout’s bold flavour encourages drinkers to slow down and enjoy one tasty brew.

Brazil’s cultivation of the caffeinated plant has steadily declined over the past two decades as a deadly tree fungus continues to invade their cacao fields. Sugarloaf, an homage to the country’s once plentiful cacao production, is brewed using three organic malts, hops, yeast, and pure spring water. Enjoy every sip because just like Brazilian cacao, this brew won’t last forever.

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