Howe Sound Brewing – Wee Beastie Oak Aged Scotch Ale


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Howe Sound Brewing – Wee Beastie Oak Aged Scotch Ale Review

The Wee Beastie is another BC beer that has gone through the Oak Aging treatment. This particular beer is a Scotch Ale put out by Howe Sound Brewing. This beer enters the glass full of head; a full three fingers worth tops the deep-chestnut coloured beer settling slowly leaving a clear glass. The smell coming off this dark ale is sweetened, smokey and has only a hint of whiskey notes stemming from the oak aging process. A certain smoothness can be sensed as well forecasting a creamy textured beer. When this beer hits your tongue it starts off relatively crisp and light; from there it turns 180 degrees into a campfire of smoke flavour. A sweetness and mild bourbon flavour are in the mix but the main stage is all smoke. The traditional scotch ale flavour is lost here with the overpowering notes taking charge. Smoke is an acquired taste so if you are picky this may not be for you.

Alcohol – 7.0%
Size – 1000ml
IBU – 26
Price – $10.75 per bottle (Cold Beer and Wine) (Not on website)


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  1. mikescraftbeer
    mikescraftbeer 3 March, 2013, 22:50

    So far I have had this on tap a few times and not tasted the smoke. I will have to see what my bottle brings.

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