Phillips Brewing Co. – Krypton Rye IPA


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Phyllips Krypton Rye PA

Phillips Brewing Co. – Krypton Rye IPA Review

The Phillips Krypton Rye PA is a straw coloured ale that enters the glass with two fingers of head. The smell is of hop, citrus and almost a touch of pepper. The taste is mild. The hop is apparent with a citrus body that mellows the bitterness with a contrasting sweetness and acidity. The Rye content also mellows the beer with a touch of pepper and fuller body than expected. This is a beer that is unique, flavourful and something to talk about yet it remains drinkable beyond the first bottle.

Alcohol – 5.0%
Size – 341ml (3 bottles in the Hop Box – winter 2012)
Price – $30.75 (Cold Beer and Wine)

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