Coal Harbour Brewing Co. – Powell IPA


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Coal Harbour Brewing - Powell IPA Review

Coal Harbour Brewing Co. – Powell IPA Review

The Coal Harbour Brewery opened back in 2011 and have made some large strides since that first brew. The Powell IPA is a tribute to the city that they call home and the label boasts an artist’s view of Vancouver and its port with the local mountains lingering in the distance. The Powell IPA is an copper-amber coloured ale that is topped with a single, thick finger of head. The smell is filled with a hop bitterness and a toasted sweetness that gives great balance to the aroma. For an IPA this beer is relatively sweet with strong notes of caramel that balance the mid-hop flavour ranked with a 66 IBU. The bitter-sweet nature of hop and caramel makes for a sweet but balanced taste that is very drinkable and unique. Some may find this a tad on the sweet side for their refined palates but if you like a bit of sweetness you will enjoy this beer.

Alcohol – 6.5%
IBU – 66
Size – 6 x 355ml
Price – $14.65 (Private Liquor Store)

Coal Harbour Brewing - Powell IPA Review

Coal Harbour Brewing - Powell IPA Review







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