Okanagan Spring Brewery – Mild Winter Ale


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Okanagan Spring Brewery – Mild Winter Ale Review

The Okanagan Spring Mild winter ale pours a chestnut colour topped with two fingers of head. This head is creamy and thick settling slowly atop the glass. Smelling this beer it has malted notes with a mild toasted finish. The smell insinuates a very mild and lightly ‘winterized’ taste. Sipping this beer it has similarities to the Okanagan Springs Pale ale in that it is mild, lightly hopped and has a slight toasted flavour with a touch of sweetness. In this winter ale we have notes of vanilla and caramel with a touch of toasted malts. Calling out the ‘mild’ aspect of the title is key here. This seasonal brew takes a few great aspects of winter beers and tones them down into a PG rating. There is nothing truly remarkable about this beer but if you are not a fan of the strength in many winter ales this could be your choice in a light, seasonal beer.

Alcohol – 4.8%
Size – 341ml bottles
Price – $12.25 /6 Bottles (BCL)
Also available in the Collection Pack


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