Double Trouble Brewing Co. – Hops and Robbers “Extra Delicious” IPA


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3.8 out of 5
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Double Trouble Brewing Co. – Hops and Robbers “Extra Delicious” IPA Review

Double Trouble Brewing CO is up to no good with the release of their Hops and Robbers “Extra Delicious” IPA. This beer stinks of wit but has an aroma of citrus hop. The colour is a golden amber and the top is covered with a finger and a half of messy settling head. The taste is crisp and easy drinking with a mid level hop bitterness. Given the name I would have expected a little bit more kick but this is an easy drinking, smooth IPA with notes of orange and pineapple. There is nothing that truly stands out to differentiate the Hops and Robbers other than the pleasing and smooth taste. This is not a beer-venturists taster but it is none-the-less quite nice.

Alcohol – 5.7%
Size – 650ml
Price – $4.99 (BCL)

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