Phillips Brewing Co. – Super Krypton Double Rye PA


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Phillips Brewing Co. – Super Krypton Double Rye PA Review

Phillips Brewery has been doing the Krypton Rye PA since the launch of the Hop-Box a couple of years ago. This year they have upped the ante with the release of the Super Krypton Double Rye PA in 650ml Bottles. This beer pours with two fingers of billowing head that lasts atop the straw-golden coloured brew. The head finally settles leaving a thick film on the side of the glass. The smell is of a mellow hop and a light floral aroma. The taste starts off in a mid-hop nature that builds into a creamy, strong hop that has a certain imperial-ness to it. The aftertaste is slightly more mellow that the peak of intensity but leaves the palate in a bitter but pleasant state. This is a tasty beer that lives up to its name but perhaps the Krypton was better left without the “Super” part?

Alcohol – 8.5%
IBU – 84
Size – 650ml
Price – $5.50 (BCL)


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