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Big River Brewing Co. – River Rock ESB Review

The Big River Brewing Co ESB is an amber, light brown colour that pours with a very thin, quickly dispersing head. The smell is lightly hopped with a malty background. The taste is very lightly carbonated and touches the palate with a lightness to it. The body has a malted flavour to it and finishes with a light hop bitterness. There is also a slightly sour flavour to the finish that could be absent in my opinion. The taste is relatively smooth but lacks a depth and feel that a traditional ESB brings with it. This is not a bad beer and I would order it in the brewpub itself but as for off sales, there are better ESBs out there and easier to find.

I have had this beer at the brewery and from a bottle and the two beers taste very different. The beer at the brewery was quite pleasant and the bottle was not an accurate representation of that taste.

Alcohol – 5.4%
Size –650ml bottle
Price – $6.00 (Brewpub)
Only available at the Big River Brewpub.

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