Russell Brewing Co. – Hop Therapy Double IPA


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3.7 out of 5


Russell Brewing Co. – Hop Therapy Double IPA Review

The Hop Therapy Double IPA is a cloudy, straw-orange colour that tops the glass with two fingers of head. The crown of white settles very slowly leaving the glass clear of residue. The smell is full of hop and a few notes of citrus that just barely squeeze through. Tasting this beer starts off with a crisp, mid-floral citrus flavour that builds into the centurion IBU bitterness. For a rating of 9.0% and 100IBU this isn’t as intense or over the top as you may expect. Despite it’s perceived extremity the beer remains smooth, easy to drink and lacks the strong alcohol flavour that can be attributed to many double IPAs.

Alcohol – 9%
IBU – 100
Size – 650ml
Price – $8.75 (Cold Beer and Wine) (Not on website yet)

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