Canoe Brewpub – River Rock Bitter

Canoe Brewpub – River Rock Bitter


3.8 out of 5
3.8 out of 5
4.1 out of 5
3.9 out of 5


3.9 out of 5


  • Type: Extra Special Bitter
  • Brand: Canoe Brewpub
  • Pros:

    Balanced, enjoyable ESB flavour

  • Cons:

    Only available at the brewpub

  • Conclusion:

    Nice, traditional ESB that is hard to get your hands on.

Canoe Brewpub – River Rock Bitter Review

The River Rock Bitter is an ESB that pours a golden amber colour with a mid-thick head. The head disperses leaving a film clinging to the glass. The aroma is a touch nutty with a distinct malt backing. The hop also finds its way into the mix, making for an integrated depth to the smell. Tasting the beer, it is smooth with great balance of malt and hop. The flavour is toasted with a bit of nut and a hopped finish. This is smooth, balanced and intricate leaving the tongue wanting another glass and soon enough, another bottle. Canoe seems to do everything well when it comes to beer and no surprise here, the River Rock Bitter is a well crafted brew.

Alcohol – 5.2%
Size – 650ml bottles
Price – $4.95 (Brewpub)
This is only available at the brewpub

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