Dead Frog Brewery – Fearless India Pale Ale


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Dead Frog Brewery – Fearless India Pale Ale Review

The Fearless IPA from Dead Frog Brewery emerges from the bottle as a crisp and clear amber colour. The head grabs the glass with a finger and a half foaming to the brim. The aroma in this beer is a hopped, mildly citrus and toasted scent that causes the mouth to salivate. The taste is strong, bold and bitter but brings with it a smoothness and roasted flavour that mellows the overall punch. The smoothed out flavour is accompanied by citrus notes and followed up by a strong and distinct hop-bitter flavour. The overall taste of this beer is great, but the ending leaves a bit to desire as it is a touch more bitter than expected comparing it to the overall feel of the ale.

Alcohol – 6.5%
IBU – 77
Size – 650ml bottles
Price – $6.75 (Cold Beer and Wine)

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