Granville Island Brewing – Pumpkin Ale


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Granville Island Brewing – Pumpkin Ale Review

Granville Island Brewing has come out with their take on a Pumpkin Ale. When Vern, the brewmaster puts the ‘limited release’ label on a bottle the chances are that you are in for a treat. This fall beer pours a clear, amber colour with a mid-thick head. The nose comes in with a touch of spiced pumpkin, a light nuttiness and a honey-sweetness. The taste is subtle. Starting off light this malty brew builds into a nutmeg-infused spiciness that warms the mouth. This spicy front actually masks the untraditional roots of pumpkin that act as a base for the other flavours. The spicy nature may throw some off but try this with some roasted vegetables or Turkey and you are in for a treat.

Alcohol – 6%
Size – 650ml Bottles
IBU – 15
Price – $5.50 (BCL)
Limited Release




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