Granville Island Brewing Co. – Saison


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3.9 out of 5
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Granville Island Brewing Co. – Saison Review

The GIB Saison pours a cloudy gold hue with a a thick head that settles into a creamy top coat. The aroma is of wheat and citrus with notes of clove that complete the package. Tasting this brew starts off crisp and builds into a thick, wheat flavour. The citrus and clove are still clear but do not take over as one may expect. This traditional Belgian style ale is refreshing and flavourful with an even balance of malt and hop while still letting the wheat ale tendencies shine through. The GIB Saison is a great beer for the fall harvest or enjoying an autum afternoon on the deck.

Alcohol – 6.5%
Size – 650ml Bottles
IBU – 30
Price – $7.30 (Cold Beer and Wine)
Limited Release

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