Vancouver Island Brewery – Sea Dog Amber Ale


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Vancouver Island Brewery – Sea Dog Amber Ale Review

Deep amber with a punch of burnt-honey sweetness, the Sea Dog Amber Ale is a delicate combination of sweetness, malt flavour and a touch of hop. The deep amber colour is an illustration of the sugar hidden within and a foreshadow of the hangover to come. While I wouldn’t sit down and drink a six-pack of this beer, one or two are quite pleasant. In describing this beer, VIB lists chocolate in the flavour array but I don’t get it? That said they do not mention anything about the burnt-honey flavour that I mentioned. While this skims above the cutoff for Bargain Beer status, it is a great tasting, easy on the wallet choice for an amber ale. Go ahead, give it a try!

Alcohol – 5.2%
Size – 341ml bottles
Price – $10.85 /6 Bottles (BCL)
Also available in a Pod Pack Sampler

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