Granville Island Brewing Co. – Brocton IPA


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Granville Island Brewing Co. – Brocton IPA Review

Named after the iconic Brockton Point in Vancouver’s Stanley Park the Brockton IPA stands out from the crowd as a flavourful choice in the sea of BC beers. What I would classify as a mid-level hop the Brockton also shows a malty almost caramel side with a touch of citrus. Showing a slightly more red tint than your average IPA the colour and flavour both fit the bill. Overall the Brockton IPA is a more colourful choice than many of the other GIB beers and the result is lovely.

Alcohol – 6%
Size – 341ml (355ml cans)
Price – $11.99 /6 Bottles(BCL)
Price – $11.85 /6 Cans

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