Boombox Brewing Co.

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Boombox Brewing – Ultra Deluxe

First released in 2017, this beer has been around for a while, but not in the Beer Me BC database. Ultra Deluxe is an artfully brewed take on a Hazy

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Boombox Brewing – Synth Wave DIPA

With Boombox brewing out of Parallel 49 these days, they have had the opportunity to brew in larger amounts and bring back some of their “one hit wonders” that sold

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Fieldhouse, Doans & Boombox Fresh Hoped Tart SMASH Milkshake IPA

Fieldhouse, Doans & Boombox Cashmere Fresh Hoped Tart SMASH Milkshake IPA Review If you were to take every trend in BC craft beer and put them together into one whirlwind