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Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Imperial Stout

Land and Sea Brewing Co.- Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

I recently had a chance to sit down with Jason Walker, the co-owner of Land and Sea Brewing, based in Comox, B.C. Like almost all businesses, surviving the pandemic and  Continue Reading…

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Non-Alcoholic Stout

Red Racer Street Legal Dealcoholized Nitro Stout: Preview Edition

Here’s a preview of something coming down the pipe that’s rare in Canada: a non-alcoholic dark beer. For years, the holy grail of “near beer” production has been to remove  Continue Reading…

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Container Brewing Ltd: Frostbite Cold IPA

If you are a lover of hops (like I am), but find that just sometimes you want that hoppy beer to be a bit more sessionable and lighter-bodied than your  Continue Reading…

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Longwood Brewery – Conjunction DIPA

What is a conjunction? In the fantasy world created by Polish author Andrezej Sapwoski for his Witcher series (and later depicted in the video games and the Netflix show) the  Continue Reading…

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Black IPA Cascadian Dark Ale

Russell Brewing – John Mitchell Signature Cascadian Dark Ale

Recently, there was big news in the BC craft beer community around the 40th Anniversary of the origin of craft beer in Canada. For the occasion, a special collaboration tribute  Continue Reading…

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East Coast IPA Hazy IPA

Fern + Cedar Brewing Company: Green Mountain State NEIPA

Qualicum Beach has a new brewery called Fern and Cedar. Owned by the same people as Parkville’s Mount Arrowsmith Brewing, Fern and Cedar is custom built and opened in December  Continue Reading…

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Dageraad’s New Slang 01 Biotransformed IPA + Survey

Once again, Burnaby’s Dageraad Brewing is not satisfied to just release a beer without developing some new innovation in the process. This time, they bring two new ideas to the  Continue Reading…

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Helles Lager

Dageraad’s Helleraad

When Dageraad makes a standard lager, you know it’s not going to turn out like other standard lagers. They could never do that. So what happens when they try to  Continue Reading…

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Hybrid Saison

Dageraad Enology Series No. 1: Syrah Saison

The inventiveness of breweries like Burnaby’s Dageraad Brewing provides a side benefit for the craft fan: for instance, the constant learning about topics like grape variants you can age beer  Continue Reading…

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Dark Sour fruit sour Sour Ale

Field House x Vox Rea Hibiscus Dark Cherry Sour

Once upon a time, a Lower Mainland band featuring three lovely ladies was a fan of Field House Brewing beer, and in turn the brewery was a fan of the  Continue Reading…

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Moon Under Water Brewery/Brassneck Brewery :The Tall Man Phantasm Hazy IPA

What do Marlborough region New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and IPA’s have in common? Both rely on thiols, a group of compounds that produce characteristics of tropical fruit. Very recently some  Continue Reading…

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Hazy Hazy IPA NE IPA

Phillips Brewing and Malting Co.- iOTA Hazy IPA

One of many recent trends in beer is the uptick in low or non-alcoholic beer. One of the newest to hit the shelves is iOTA, a non-alcoholic craft beer brewed  Continue Reading…

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