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Trench Brewing- The Fang IPA

You might never have been to the Fang Caves, though you might be inspired to after drinking the beer that is named after it. Prince George’s Trench Brewing, following their

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Neighbourhood Brewing – Way of Life Hazy IPA

Penticton is anxiously awaiting arrival of brewery # 7, yes 7 !!! It will be a brewery created  by the original Yellow Dog Brewing  founders and adding a few new

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Dark Sour fruit sour Sour Ale

Red Racer Roseate Sour Ale with Peaches

Central City Brewing’s Red Racer Roseate is an extremely impressive aged sour with brilliant colour and aroma and a distinctive experience on the palate. In appearance, it is brilliant red

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Hazy Session IPA Pale Ale

Foamer’s Folly – Ten Feet Tall Dry-Hopped Pale Ale

Do you like Hazy IPAs but you’d sometime like to dial back the pulpiness, hops and alcohol? Foamer’s Folly’s Ten Feet Tall, released this summer along with a few other

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American Pale Ale Pale Ale

Coast Mountain Brewing- Forecast Pale Ale

Coast Mountain Brewing, situated in scenic Whistler, B.C., brews a pale called “Forecast”. It turns out that the forecast for the foreseeable future is calling for deliciously made pale ale.

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Fruit Beer

Torchlight Brewing – Rhubarbarian

From Torchlight Brewing, we have the Rhubarbarian, representing the experimentative brewery’s take on a rhubarb brew, apparently brewed using a Kveik yeast type. The appearance is pale orange, like a

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California Common steam beer

Penticton Beer Week – Community Common

October is BC Craft Beer Month and with that there is always at least one beer collaboration in celebration. But this year, in 2019, a new beer week occured –

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Slackwater What the Fog?!

Bursting on to the local scene at the 24th Annual Okanagan Fest of Ale, Penticton’s newest brewery, Slackwater Brewing debuted a range of beers that wowed those present at the

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Chocolate Stout Coconut Stout Oatmeal Stout Stout

Andina Brewing – Cocolat Toasted Coconut Chocolate Stout

Since Head Brewer Ben Greenberg joined #YeastVan’s Andina Brewing in mid-2018, there has been a noticeable uptick in the appeal and quality of the big yellow brewery’s beers. It is

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Dark Sour Old Bruin

Longwood Brewery- Old Bruin

Portuguese Madeira is famous in the wine world for its unique warm aging process. Historically, Madeira was used as ballast on ships which exposed it to heat and changed its

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west coast IPA

BC Craft Beer Guild Collab – Class of 2014

For the past few years brewery members of the BC Craft Brewers Guild gather together in honour of BC Craft Beer Month and brew a beer with partial funds going

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American IPA IPA west coast IPA

Lightheart Brewing – West Coast IPA

PRESENTED BY LEGACY LIQUOR STORE From the Fall 2019 edition of the What’s Brewing Tasting Panel Although Lightheart Brewing still has yet to find a proper home, it has been

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