Crannóg Ales Announces Wobbly Toddler Milk Ale

Crannóg Ales Announces Wobbly Toddler Milk Ale

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February 12, 2014
Crannóg Ales has another new seasonal ale for February/March. It’s called the Wobbly Toddler Milk Ale, and it is as fond of uprooting houseplants as it is of mother’s sustenance. Starting with a crisp Munich Malt and bright caramel malts to create a firm, brilliantly red body, we incorporated several different hops including our own Left Fields Wild Hops for a pleasantly bitter and grainy flavour. Lactose brings in an undercurrent of sweetness to the finish, mellowing the hops a bit while adding to the complexity of the beer. Kölsh yeast adds its own wobbly charm to the whole concoction. 24 IBU, 5.7% alc/vol.

This beer will be available starting February 18th at select tap locations

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