Whistler Brewing Co. – Whiskey Jack Ale

Whistler Brewing Co. – Whiskey Jack Ale


3.3 out of 5
3.5 out of 5
3.5 out of 5
3.3 out of 5


3.4 out of 5


  • Type: Pale Ale
  • Brand: Whistler Brewing Co.
  • Pros:

    Nice, clean flavour profile

  • Cons:

    A little simple

  • Conclusion:

    Easy drinking, widely available Pale Ale

Whistler Brewing Co. – Whiskey Jack Ale Review

The Whistler Brewing Co. Whiskey Jack Ale is a reasonably dark ale that has a touch of hop. You could be fooled into thinking that this beer was whiskey barrel aged but that would be false. While the colour is dark this is a much more subtle and crisp tasting beer leaving your t’buds asking for more.

Alcohol – 5.0%
Size – 6 x 330ml bottles
Price – $11.99 (BCL)

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  1. JR
    JR 30 April, 2015, 20:11

    I would tend to agree, expected more, but not bad for a local brewery in the mountains. Honestly, I would prefer this as a post hike brew above other pales. It is surprisingly refreshing.

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