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Events & Festivals Metro Vancouver

Making Running More Difficult – Bridge Brewing Hosts 4th Annual 10km Growler Run

Overcoming Obscurity – Running 10km with Two Full Growlers It never fails. If you challenge people to do something ridiculous there will almost always be someone that is willing to  Continue Reading…

Events & Festivals Metro Vancouver

The 3rd Annual Bridge Brewing Growler Run a Great Success

10km, 2 Growlers, and a Whole Lot of (Painful) Fun at the 2015 Growler Run Running and beer do not usually mix. Unless you are trying to conquer the “Beer  Continue Reading…

Events & Festivals Metro Vancouver

2014 Bridge Brewing 10km Growler Run – Photos & Story

The second annual Bridge Brewing Growler Run took place with more athletes than ever caving to the temptations of self-inflicted pain. A 10km run while carrying two full growlers (1.89l)  Continue Reading…