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three new beers from Bridge Brewing

Three New Summer Beers On Tap At Bridge Brewing

three new beers from Bridge Brewing

Three New Summer Brews from Bridge Brewing Company

The Bridge Brewing Company has released three new beers for summer. A combination of fruit, sessionability and a solid IPA make these three offerings the ticket to the palate of pretty much any craft beer enthusiasts. Small batches mean a limited time engagement so stop on by the North Vancouver brewery soon if you want to get a taste before it is too late!

Bridge Brewing Imperial White IPA Imperial White IPA

This bold yet balanced imperial white IPA is hopped with Magnum Centennial and Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. Allowed to age on white wine oak, there are some delicate characteristics behind the bold hoppiness of this brew. Look for hints of fresh crushed gooseberries, passionfruit and white peach as well as light oaky tannins.

IBU – 75
ABV – 8.0%

Bridge Brewing Razza Raspberry ISA
Razza Raspberry ISA

We’ve used 150lbs of locally sourced raspberries from the Fraser Valley to take our ISA to the next level for maximum summertime indulgence. Pouring slightly pink, with bright succulent raspberry aromatics. Look for soft tones of oranges, pink grapefruit and floral notes from the Centennial hops. Magnum adds a moderate bitterness to the finish.

IBU – 40
ABV – 3.8%

Bridge Brewing Blood Orange Wheat Ale
Blood Orange Wheat Ale

This American wheat ale is a crisp, refreshing summer brew. Pouring a hazy straw colour, this beer was brewed with the addition of fresh blood oranges. Zesty and floral, with clean citrus flavours and a moderate bitterness this beer is ideal for a warm summer day.

IBU – 20
ABV – 4.9%

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