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Dead Frog Super Fearless Imperial IPA

The Super Fearless Imperial IPA has Arrived from Dead Frog Brewing

Dead Frog Super Fearless Imperial IPAAfter its release last November, the Dead Frog Brewery’s Super Fearless Imperial IPA sold faster than a speeding bullet. Leaping to the top of the Untappd ratings in a single bound, we’ve resurrected the SF to live another day. This week, it hurdles to liquor store shelves to make its grand reappearance.

You may notice the new redesigned labels are marked with a prominent “Batch #2” and “Batch #3”. Batch #2 is the same recipe as the original Super Fearless release, but we switched the recipe up a bit for Batch #3. The recipe change is a result of the Vancouver port strike, which held up our delivery of Maris Otter and Aromatic malts. Instead of delaying the batch, the brew team substituted Golden Promise and Victory. We’re happy to report the two batches came out surprisingly similar, but we’ll let you be the judge.


The power of the Fearless IPA could not be contained. From it sprang the Super Fearless! Taking all that is good from the Fearless IPA and magnifying it, this super brew is overflowing with tropical citrus flavour and aroma. A hearty helping of Golden Promise malts and a massive amount dry-hopping result in a captivating finish that will leave you blown away!

Tony’s Inspiration

I’ve wanted to do a double IPA—or imperial IPA—for some time now. It’s about a 9% IPA with lots of Galaxy hops as a flavour component. We used all Maris Otter floor-malted barley from England which gives a very rich, caramel base to the brew. We put about a 93 IBU bitterness to it and then just dry-hopped it to new heights of intensity.

Critical Acclaim

“Super Fearless definitely has the credentials on paper. It features Cascade, Columbus, Galaxy and Zythos hops, with the bitterness level ramped up to near-saturation point at 93 IBUs. And it certainly delivers. This could be the most insanely drinkable 9% beer I’ve ever had.”
—Jan Zeschky, The Province

“Cloudy reddish-amber, aroma is rambutan hop nose with lots of malt…this is going to be sweet, sweet character, mellow lightly fruity hops and a dash of sweet malts. Good IPA.”
—Josh Oakes, Rate Beer


o Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast
o Batch #2 Malts: Maris Otter, Cara 20, Aromatic, Special B
o Batch #3 Malts: Golden Promise, Cara 20, Victory, Special B
o Hops: Cascade, Columbus, Galaxy, Zythos
o IBUs: 93
o ABV: 9.0%
o Suggested serving temperature: 12-14°C
o Recommended glass: IPA, North American pint
o Food pairing: lamb vindaloo with mango chutney, Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar, mango cheesecake

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