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Suncoast Pale Ale Is Bottled For First Time by Townsite Brewing

Townsite Brewing’s Suncoast Pale Ale gets bottled for the first time ever!

Powell River, BC – March 2017

toast_the_coast_webTownsite Brewing Inc. celebrates 5 years in business this month with the release of their Suncoast Pale Ale for the very first time off of the Sunshine Coast of B.C.

Have you been waiting to try Suncoast Pale Ale? Hoping to hit the Sunshine Coast to see what all the fuss is about but still can’t figure out the ferry schedule?

Have your friends promised to sneak you a growler in the trunk of their 1986 Datsun, just to have them consume it whilst waiting for the ferry?

Well wait no more! We have decided to release our Suncoast Pale Ale off the Sunshine Coast this month. Why? Because it’s our 5 Year Anniversary and we want to celebrate with you! Like all our brews this one is paired best with friends, family and a ton of laughs, enjoy.

FYI: There are 6 other breweries celebrating their 5 year anniversary from 2012. We want to take this opportunity to congratulate Arrowhead, Bridge Brewing, Coal Harbour, Firehall, Parallel 49 and Powell St. Cheers to you!

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