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Scandal Brewing Offers Second ‘Wonder’ – Grand Canyon Pumpkin Bock

Scandal Brewing - Grand Canyon Pumpkin BockScandal Brewing Offers Second ‘Wonder’

PRINCE GEORGE (Sept. 16, 2013) – This week will see British Columbia’s Scandal Brewing release the second in their ‘Seven Wonders of the Beer World’ series: the highly anticipated Grand Canyon Pumpkin Bock. Created with the changing seasons in mind, it’s a 7.0% (ABV) beer brewed in the spirit of the canyon’s scandalous rumor that an Egyptian settlement first inhabited its depths. The bold and earthy bock will be available for a limited time in select BC liquor stores throughout autumn.

To bring light to this myth behind the caves, the brewery has unearthed a rich pumpkin bock and added a touch of blue agave for sweetness. Henryk Orlik (aka Suddly Brew Right), brewmaster at the Prince George-based brewery, says: “As the follow-up to our much celebrated first ‘Wonder’, Sugarloaf Chocolate Imperial Stout, the Grand Canyon Pumpkin Bock is the brewery’s inaugural brew from our 10 HL pilot brewing system. As the only one in North America that has been installed within an existing regional craft brewery, it’s something we’re excited to showcase and with this beer we’re off to an excellent start.

“The series came about as a tribute to the planet’s most extraordinary features,” the brewmaster remarks. “Our ‘Seven Wonders of the Beer World’ are brewed in small batches, making each a rare and memorable taste experience reflected by an earthly wonder. Each beer in the limited edition series is a perfect companion to the unique seasonal landscape and quality of life that British Columbians cherish.”

Brewed using fresh pumpkin, organic blue agave syrup, two-row and crystal malts, hallertau traditional hops, and yeast, the Grand Canyon is a creamy malt-forward beer accented by hints of cinnamon and sweet agave. But be warned: Scandal’s latest offering will only be around as long as the fall itself, so enjoy this seasonal specialty before it’s nothing less than a legend.


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