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Scandal - Aurora Beerealis

Scandal Brewing Launches 7-Wonders Aurora Beerealis

Scandal - Aurora BeerealisNext in line from Scandal Brewing is a unique beer for the BC Craft Beer Market. The Aurora Beerealis is brewed with Sake yeast to give a Japanese traditional twist on scandal’s unique brews. This is the fifth release in the highly anticipated 7-Wonders series of unique, organic beers.

Scandal Aurora Beerealis Official Description

Every Spring the Northern Lights explode across the sky, magnetic field activity created by gases from the sun moving one million km/hr. To reflect this rare phenomenon we have used a sake yeast that will bottle ferment and become a bright and champagne like beer. This sixth installment of the 7 Natural Wonders of the Beer World is an unique, easy drinking experience that you will marvel at for years to come!
Tasting Notes

Sake is most of the time made from rice; Aurora Beerealis is made from a blend of German style pilsner malt, a special Munich (BoLander) malt and Wheat malt and American Style special roasted Malt (Victory). This mix creates an orange-reddish color and a mild almost creamy biscuit taste. The most important part of this beer is the original Sake yeast added to the brew. It is then fermented at almost 23 degrees Celsius producing a sake-like taste and then further develops as it bottle-conditions. The final result, flavourful and silky smooth!

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