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R&B Brewing Releases First Sour - The Kettle Sour Export Stout

R&B Brewing Releases Their First Sour – The Kettle Sour Export Stout

R&B Brewing Releases First Sour - The Kettle Sour Export StoutR&B Brewing Releases First Sour – The Kettle Sour Export Stout

R&B Brewing Co, the original East Van craft brewery, has ventured into the world of sour beer with their latest limited release. As part of the Mt. Pleasant Series, the new Kettle Sour Export Stout is a unique addition to this growing-in-popularity craft beer choice.


Often thought of as the original beer, ‘sour’ was the way all beer tasted in early times. This was due to the bacteria and yeast that organically ended up in the beer. When pasteurization and refrigeration came along, the sourness was removed from the beer during the brewing process. With the trend-shift towards crafted and artisanal food and brews, sour beer has had a resurgence, and has grown in popularity in BC, and all over North America.


In Belgium, where traditional sour beers come from, they still purposely use wild yeast to create this style. However, traditional methods of souring are time consuming and expensive. Using wild yeast fermentation, brewhouses can become infected by these naturally occurring bacterias, which could cause off-flavours in all the beer that are exposed to these airborne microbes. The North American craft beer industry, strongly influenced by Belgium’s traditional methods and styles, started to experiment with ways to minimize the risk, but provide our craft consumer the reward of this great tasting beer. In its’ relentless quest to find a better way, a new ‘kettle souring’ method was developed, that made the process accessible to more breweries. This relatively new technique is used without having to worry about infection or cross contamination in the brewery. It takes less time, is more cost efficient, and keeps the end cost down for the benefit of the craft beer consumer.


Predominantly North American sour brewers use a lighter bodied ale, or a fruity brew. Always pioneering, R&B chose to ‘kettle sour’ an export stout, which is also known as a double stout. Export Stouts start out as a nice sessionable, medium bodied ale of about 4 to 5% ABV, and then it’s then pumped-up to an ABV of 7% . Historically speaking, this was done by the Irish who added more hops, to preserve their stouts for long ship journeys to their early export markets. The result is roasty, toasty flavours, with notes of chocolate, coffee, toffee and caramel, but with a hint more bitterness, and a fuller body.

Sour beers have become popular in BC, with plenty of great ones to choose from. R&B’s new Mt Pleasant Series brew is unique in it’s flavour profile, and very approachable. “What I like about our Kettle Sour Export Stout, is that is a gateway to sour” says Lundy, R&B’s resident Cicerone. “This is a sipping beer, with so many flavour complexities that each mouthful is a different mouthfeel from the last. Full bodied, and as the beer warms up, the malt notes become more prominent.”


Recommended Glassware: a brandy snifter or beer chalice most often used for higher Belgian ales, or a nice open red wine glass works too.

Pairs Well: this could be a stand-alone beer as it has so much character or would compliment nicely with desserts. Black forest cake comes to mind as being perfect with it’s combo of tartness and chocolate. Or with bitter chocolate, sea-salted varieties are great, or chocolate mixed with tart berries like cherry, cranberry, pomegranate.

This is the kind of beer that your favourite East Van neighbour brings to a bottle sharing night.


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Kegs & Growler fills of the Kettle Sour Export Stout will be available soon at the R&B Brewery.

NOW AVAILABLE in 650 ml bottles in the following locations:


R&B Brewing Co – 54 East 4th Avenue
Legacy Liquor Store
Brewery Creek Liquor Store
Bainbridge Liquor Store
Waldorf Liquor Store
Cedar Cottage LRS


Cook Street
Hillside Liquor
James Bay Spirit Merchants
Spinnakers Liquor Store
Travelodge Liquor


Upper Ganger Liquor Store – Salt Spring Island
Metro Liquor – Brentwood Bay


Cask & Barrel – Kelowna
Metro Liquor – Kelowna
Village Green LRS – Vernon
Salmon Arm Liquor – Salmon Arm
Piccadilly Liquor – Salmon Arm
East Side LRS – Vernon
Stags Head Liquor – Kamloops
Peacocks Perch Liquor Store – Summerland

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