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R&B brewing vancouver special ipa

R&B Brewing Launches Vancouver Special IPA

R&B Brewing Launches Vancouver Special IPA

Announcing another great beer release from the original East Van brewery.

It’s been said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, an old English proverb meaning that difficult or impossible scenarios prompt inventions that attempt to ease that difficulty. It is with this pioneering and gritty attitude that two great innovations came to be.

The need for BEER and the need for a HOME have long been the most basic to human existence… The Vancouver Special IPA celebrates both inventions that overcame the difficulty and have become the defining expressions of R&B Brewing Co.’s newest brew.


In the early 1700’s troops and ‘ex-pat’ citizens living in India did not have access to good British ale because it was too hot to brew in India. When they tried to ship it over the gruelling 6 month long journey it would spoil. In 1780, a London brewer named Hodgson created a strong, heavily hopped beer that would normally be aged before drinking. He called it October Ale, and when it was shipped to India, it not only survived the journey but the taste improved dramatically. This was the first IPA. When refridgeration came about, proper IPA began to die out, until around 1976 American craft brewers started a new love affair with forgotten beer styles including IPA.


As with all good inventions, the development of the Vancouver Special home design was a solution to a problem. In the late 60’s then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau made major changes to the immigration laws which became the catalyst to an influx of migrant families from India and China. Property on the east side of Vancouver was relatively inexpensive, and there was need for an affordable house design for builders to suit these buyers of the time. The Vancouver Special design was born.Screen shot 2015-11-08 at 1.30.06 PM

Massively reproduced in that era, they were without question the most successful mass-market housing model Vancouver has ever experienced. There were more of these homes built in Vancouver than any other style to date. The design is an ideal layout with massive floor area, adaptability and affordability. The reasons why these older homes are having a resurgence of popularity, as our East side neighbourhood is being renovated by new families populating and re-energizing it.


This hop-dominant IPA featuring Pacific Northwest hops is named for the box-like houses built in East Vancouver between 1965 and 1985. With moderate bitterness, it has floral citrus-like flavours — copper-coloured ale with full hoppy aroma it has mid level maltiness which gives it a medium body.

The Vancouver Special is true to it’s name — the perfect ‘house party’ beer. Bring it home in growlers or bottles to go with anything fatty or spicy! Crackers and cheese, potato chips, nachos, poutine and chicken wings.

Like the homes it was named after — it’s Big & Sturdy. The Vancouver Special is truly an iconic East Van original.

IBU: 75 SRM: 10 ABV: 6%

Available in 20 and 50L kegs, and 650ml bottles.

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