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Phillips Fermentorium Stump Gin

Phillips Brewing Fermentorium Launches STUMP Coastal Forest Gin

Phillips Fermentorium Stump Gin

Not only influenced by British Columbia, but actually made from it!

May 4th 2015: We are incredibly excited to announce that STUMP Coastal Forest Gin is hitting private BC Liquor Stores around Victoria this week, with Metro Vancouver, the Interior, and the rest of Vancouver Island to follow next week! With summer on the doorstep, this gin is ready to refresh patios everywhere, and is the perfect partner to the handcrafted line of tonics released this past December.

The gin is a crafted with hand-foraged herbs and botanicals grown right here in British Columbia. Juniper, cascade hops, grand fir, bay laurel, coriander and lavender are distilled into a flavour profile that proudly reflects the province of their origin. Bright pine freshness accents deep old-growth forest flavours with a rich, velvety mouth feel that finishes smooth.

Phillips Fermentorium Released under the Phillips Fermentorium Distilling umbrella, STUMP is crafted entirely in-house. The gin is first distilled on a 1920’s British-made still affectionately christened ‘Old George’ before being delicately redistilled in a new German-built refractory still. Finally, STUMP is refined one more time with BC-grown botanicals creating a spirit that not only reflects our British Columbian environment, but is actually made from it!

STUMP Coastal Forest gin is available now in BC from your local craft-focused private liquor store.

Please join us at the brewery on Wednesday May 6th from 4-6 for a free tasting of this very special spirit along with the tonics.

For more information on the distilling side of Phillips Brewing, please head over to

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