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Mt Begbie - Cold Smoke Porter

Mt. Begbie’s Cold Smoke Porter Returns With New & Improved Recipe

Mt Begbie Re-Releases Cold Smoke Porter With Updated Formula

Mt Begbie - Cold Smoke PorterMt Begbie Brewing has re-released Cold Smoke Porter for winter 2015/2016. Introduced as a Limited Edition last winter we listened to the feedback and tweaked the formula for this winter. We added more of the UK Beechwood Smoked Malt and now the beer is bottled unfiltered. The body and flavour is up substantially from last season. The new Cold Smoke Porter shipped last week to the LDB and is available this week in Government liquor Stores and Private beer stores across BC and select stores in Alberta.

Mt Begbie Cold Smoke Porter – tasting notes

ABV: 6.5%
IBU’s: 20
Appearance: Dark Copper with Orange / garnet tones. Clear.
Aroma: Mild Smokey aroma with Caramel malty sweetness
Flavour: Mild beech wood smoke well balanced with rich malt and caramel sweetness. Subtle woody flavors with a clean dry finish.
Mouthfeel: Moderate carbonation, medium-bodied. Smooth dry clean finish.
Ingredients: English Beechwood smoked malts.
Comments/Notes: A complex and interesting brown Porter, lighter bodied and coloured than stout. It tastes best served at 4-10c in a stout glass. This is a strong beer at 6.5% ABV but easy drinking and no “boozy” taste of the alcohol.

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